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Clifton Hack

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Sipho Mgutshini
Warehouse Manager

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011 552 8288

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Chana Schafer

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Craig Lanham-Love

Managing Director

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Durand Boshoff
Parts Sales

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Gabor Nemeth

Operation Manager

Seastar Solutions, Connelly, CWB, WOW, Hydroslide, Eastener, Attwood etc

CPT - Marcus Ball

KZN - Paul Stewart

JNB - Eksteen Roux

Website Update

As you can see we have update the website with a new layout and have updated some features available on the website.  As seen above a list of your outstanding orders will be displayed here for your convenience to easily see what you are still waiting for and when you can expect receiving your items.  Click on the part you have order and you can view retail price, dealer price including total price for the quantity you ordered.  This information is still available on the "View Orders" page if you need to find something specific.  Click on the item below to read more about the changes on these pages:

View Orders - You can now search superseded numbers and results page will show your ordered parts all together with standand dealer discount totals.  LEARN MORE.

Price and Availability - now displays packaged quantities, backorder quantities if no stock, stock order quantities and dealer unwanted and consignment quantities available, with standard dealer prices.  LEARN MORE.

New Orders - has been updated so that you can see what your bill comes to before you place your order - COD dealers can now pay when they place the order.  LEARN MORE.

Help Section - We have redesigned the whole "Online Guide" pages as a help section where you will be able to find more specific help.  LEARN MORE.


The Can-Am
Maverick Trail Accessories Catalogue is now available.


Go check it out!!

BRP Unit Price List updates

View the latest unit prices lists