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Select Orders and then New Order

Under the part search column there is a block with the words part number, enter the part number you required in this box - remember JE for all Evinrude parts without the leading 0.  All other parts enter the part number as of EPC with no SY, AT, or SD.  Hit the Tab key to go to the next block to enter the quantity required.


Click on the "ADD" button on the right or simply hit the Enter button on your keyboard.  You have just added your first part number to an order.

If the part number doesn't exist on our system, it will not add it.  If the part number is correct and it still doesn't add it to your sheet, just drop us a mail with the part number (DO NOT keep on trying as this will interfere with the systems performance and evil error logs)


You can carry on adding parts you would like to order this way, for our example let's do one more


You will notice here we have entered a part number that has superseded, thus under the part number column the new part number - you can place orders on old numbers, however always better to use the new number.

If you have made an error on one of your lines, simply click on the Delete button provided.  You will be asked if you are sure that you want to delete the item, select yes and you can carry on with your order.

Once you are done adding part numbers, click the little check box on the left next to Part Number - this will select all, or you can simply check the check boxes next to each part number if you don't want to select all.  You will notice that on the top of the table are three buttons, Download Data, Delete Order and Submit Order


Download Order - will allow you to download an Excel file with the order for your records

Delete Order - will delete every item with a check mark, so if you have select all the complete order will be deleted.

Submit Order - will open another screen where you are required to enter an order number or a reference for yourself of this order, and you can add some additional comments.  Then Click on Submit.  The order sheet will now be empty, unless there were items that wasn't ticked, these will remain until you delete or submit them.


New Order