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Select the Brand gives you two options:

  • Evinrude
    Select Evinrude for all Evinrude parts and pre-2012 Johnson Outboard parts
  • Can-Am / Sea-Doo
    Select this options for all other BRP products, ie. Spyder, Maverick, Outlander, RXP, etc.

The second option you have is to choose how you want to search.

  • Part Number
    Search by part number if you have the exact part number - remember JE infront of Evinrude part numbers must be entered with no leading 0.  Do not use SD, AT or SY when searching Can-Am or Sea-Doo.  You can also enter part of the part number if you are not sure - it will then display a list of parts from which you can select the correct one you require.
  • Descripton
    It is not advisable to search with description as some descriptions use abbreviations which this option will not find if you search the full word, but is a good option if you know the description as it appears on your invoice.

Lastly, this option will change pending on what you have selected in "Search By" - Either enter part number or description pending on your previous selection and hit the search button.

As shown on the image on the left, we have selected the brand Evinrude and to search by part number - and we entered a part number we wish to search.


Once you have hit the search button your result will be displayed as per the picture on the right.


Part Search will show you ** for current part number, SS if the number supersedes, MS if the number has multiple supersessions, VP if it is a Vintage Part and NLA when the part is no longer available, followed by the part number you have searched.  The next line will show you the new part number that should be used.


If the  part comes up as MS, note that the number you entered supersedes to other numbers and the quantity specified needs to be noted, most multiple supersessions (if it is not just one part that are split in to 2 of the same items - ie. Front Tyres) will show you a list of items required with the quantities (if there is no pricing listed, please send a screen shot to us to work pricing out for you - below image of a multiple supersession part

The columns displayed

  • EX
    ** Current Number, SS Superseded Number, VP Vintage Parts, NLA Discontinued Part, MS Multiple Supersession
    When VP, please email us to quote you on this Vintage Part.  If there is no price displayed, click on the part number in the part number column - if no price is still available please e-mail a screen shot to us.
  • Part Search
    The is the number you have searched.
  • Part Number
    This is the new part number(s)
  • Description
    This is the description as displayed on invoice

  • Required Qty
    In the case of Multiple Supersessions, this shows you the quantity of each item you require to make up the kit
  • Discount
    This is the general dealer discount - you may be entitled to more or less discount as per your Dealer Agreement.
  • Retail Incl VAT
    This is the recommended retail price inclusive of 14% VAT 
  • Qty on Hand
    This is the quantity FC Brands currently has in stock. (REMEMBER:  Backorders take approximately 10 work days from the Tuesday we place the factory order - in case the factory doesn't have stock, we will notify you of such delays.


When you select the Supersession number you will see the same screen as above when searching a valid part number




When the Price and Availability page open, top left there is a notice and link to our Microsoft Excel Price and Availability sheet if you prefer to download the latest version, or have many part numbers you want to look up all at once - For more information regarding the Excel version please click here.

As shown in the below image "Select the Brand*" and "Search by*" are highlighted in red.  You have to select and option with both these sections.

Price and Availability Guide

If you searched by description or multiple supersession number the following table will appear