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Select Orders and then View Order.

With view order you have the option to view orders that are currently in processing, backorders or completed orders.


Orders in Processing


After you have submitted your order to FC Brands and the order has been received it will be visible if you search by this option.  Note that right after you submit your order it will not be displayed here, only once it has been received and viewed by FC Brands - allow up to 2 hours.

You can view all items in processing by clicking the search button after selecting "Orders in Process" or you can enter any of the four items (Part Number, Your Reference, FC Brands Sales Order Number or FC Brands Invoice Number) to refine your search to a specific item you are searching for.

Backorder List

Items that FC Brands don't have in stock will go on to backorder.  You will be able to view a list of all your backorders if you click on the search button after selecting "Backorder List" or you can enter any of the three items (Part Number, Your Reference or FC Brands Sales Order Number) to refine your search to a specific items you are searching for.  Once you have submitted your order allow up to 2 hours before it will be displayed as a backorder.

Note that FC Brands places backorders every Tuesday morning, from which we guarantee a turn around of 10 work days except with big items or when specified otherwise.  The ETA will be updated as new details become available.

Completed Orders

Once your order has been invoiced you can view the items by selecting "Completed Orders", you may then click on the search button to view all completed orders for the past 90 days, or if you are looking for a specific order you can enter any of the four choices (Part Number, Your Reference or FC Brands Sales Order or Invoice Number)


In the image above, we didn't select anything and clicked on search to view all items on on FC Brands Account.  All the other options will display the same columns whether they are utilized or not:





Part Number 






Order Date


Your Reference


Our Reference



Invoice Number






B/O Status





** Shows current part number, SS shows superseded number (you ordered a different number that superseded), VP is Vintage Parts which is a special order and MS means the original number you ordered superseded to various other numbers


This is the new part number of the item you have ordered


Shows you a description for the part number you have ordered


Displays the quantity that you have ordered


Date when you have placed the order


This is your order number or reference you entered when you placed the order


This is our reference number.  This will be the Sales Order Number that has been send to you either for payment or when placed on backorder.


This is FC Brands Invoice Number when the part has been invoiced out


Will shows you the estimated time of arrival at FC Brands.  In orders in processing search this column will be blank.  In backorder list search the estimated arrival is displayed and can change while on backorder.  If your part was a backorder, in completed orders search it will still show the eta although the shipment would have arrived and invoiced to you.


This is the backorder status and will show you were the shipment is currently


Any comments you made when you placed the order will be shown here or any additional comments that we may have added.


This refers to the above mentioned selections.